Why chose us?

With over 4 websites, the Tales From Sky City Ad-network is a nice and affordable way to advertise your business or website which will allow you to reach a specific audience, tech enthusiasts and Bitcoin lovers.

 We are new but we have potential. Potential to be either go big or go home. Your choice. All ad slots will be paid in Bitcoin and will be non-refundable no matter how good or bad the impressions are.


  • impression and click stats via Tales From Sky City.
  • Ad slots starting at $0.25 per month.
  • Banner exchanges allowed.
  • Specific audience (tech, bitcoin, business).

Banner exchange?

Yes, we allow banner exchanges which will place your banner automatically on our ad-network so exchanging banners is an alternative payment to Bitcoin.

What ad-slots are there?

For a full list of ad-slots, please visit:

or email us for more details at:
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