Free ideas and breaking news topics! Top 5 news sources.

Well, I certainly did not do a Build-a-blog post for quite some time so I decided to do this now because it works for me and might just work for you.

So, every time I decide to post, I need a topic or subject to post about but sometimes, I just don't have anything interesting that pops up on my Google News feed or email so I go on multiple websites to find some pretty cool stuff to check out. Here are my top websites to get ideas from:

5. CoinTelegraph

Well, CoinTelegraph is an awesome source for anything cryptocurrency related because they cover anything from Bitcoin to alternative blockchains, with interviews, price analysis and of course, news articles. It has an amazing team of writers and each article is quite resourceful. Anything cryptocurrency related, they are my first choice.

4. Twitter

The social network has grown over the years from a simple social network to tweet to eachother to become one of the most used places to share ideas, news and topics. I mainly just check my feed because I am following some of the popular news outlets such as International Business Times and I also follow amazing websites that give guides, tutorials and tips/tricks on certain subjects such as Cryptorials and some other writing accounts. I normally just take a quick glance at Twitter since my Twitter is pretty much quiet and if I see an interesting tweet, I click and get an idea, then research, write, publish.

3. Reddit

"The front page of the internet" is truly the best online bulletin board there is. Reddit isn't one of the sources that is focusing on one thing only, it has hundreds of subreddits that are on different topics and people can share articles, sources and breaking news there. That is how I learned that JPMorgan-Chase is working on blockchain stuff. Subreddits are updated constantly when people post so you never get bored of the stuff that is shared there.

2. TechCrunch

This is a technology-focused blog/news site and TechCrunch is both a great source of tech news and also a great competitor. They cover many great topics and they include sources as well which is also helpful. I can easily contact their writers through social media to discuss stuff and their website is easy to use. They even cover businesses and startups which helps when I do posts on businesses and their founders.

1. Apple News app

This might be odd but yes, Apple's IOS news app is the best for me. I find that everything in an Instagram-like feed is better for me than anything else, also, it is in chronological order. Secondly, I get to chose the media outlets, like Twitter that I want to follow, like the Huffington Post or the Wall Street Journal. While viewing, I can share it with myself or send it to friends to check out so, it's pretty cool that these websites can become a source. Since it is on my phone or IOS device, I get access to the app anywhere that I have wifi or data at so it is really accessible and easy to use.

Well, those are my top websites for finding cool scoops and article ideas so you can check them out if you'd like. Any questions? Comment and I'll try to respond.


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