99Bitcoins' 2nd faucet out of business

In a recent post by affiliate marketing expert and founder of 99Bitcoins, Ofir Beigel, he announced that 99Satoshis, his secondary faucet will no longer be serving any users due to Google Adsense suspending any faucet sites for their lack of proper ad impressions.

Ever since the start of Bitcoin faucets, ad-networks such as Adsense have limited their networks to exclude faucets which tend to bring a heavy amount of traffic, but no one cares or looks at the ads. Well, that is not true, yes, I own a faucet and from personal experience and statistics, my visitors actually look at the ads and discover the faucet and can even check out the latest news in cryptocurrency on Potato-Bank's News page.

In order to continue funding my faucet, I needed to monetize the website, heavily so I started to try out various ad-networks and settled with a-ads and blockadz because a-ads offers easy to view statistics and pays-per-impression and clicks while Blockadz has an option that if no advertisers have bought my spot (which rarely happens), it will display an alternative ad from any ad-network I want, whether it be a-ads or a referral link.

From now on, Beigel has said that all 99Satoshis claims and links have been moved to Milli, his primary Bitcoin faucet which has a pretty high claim per minute. You will see all your claims once they are transferred.

source: 99Bitcoins

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