Review: Minergate Ether

It honestly has been a while since I did a review and this time, I have something truly interesting, the world's first Ethereum CPU miner which allows you to mine Ethereum not just with your GPU but with your CPU as well. Here are my thoughts on it:

For this review, I ran the miner and tested to see if it would be any profitable and to be honest, it wasn't I found that even with an i7 4770k and 4GB graphics card, Minergate's miner just didn't use the full potential for the mining. As a result, not even 1 Ethereum was mined, which was depressing.

CPU mining itself was really boring, only several hundred Kh/s which was barely anything compared to the several gh/s that everyone else has on the Ethereum pools. This means it was really hard for me to get any rewards but hey, it still works.

Overall look of the new miner was great and I loved the way they kept the achievement thingy. I never really use Minergate's miner but sometimes I like to benchmark PCs with it (for some reason).

Since I found that Ethereum mining on Minergate wasn't really suitable for me, I decided that I should probably think about getting some block erupters to try out because I honestly want to try them out (probably no profit whatsoever).

Have you tried it yourself? Plan on keeping it or just stick with dedicated miners?

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Review: Minergate Ether Review: Minergate Ether Reviewed by Angus Leung on 20:01:00 Rating: 5

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