Potato Bank: marketing experiment

You might have noticed that I have a Dogecoin faucet, yes, it has been reverted back to a Doge faucet if you haven't noticed already.

Well, I have decided to keep it as potato-bank.cf rather than keeping my original potato-bank.faucetfly.com link which means I will lose on referral claims through faucetfly so if you want referral commission, please use the faucetfly link rather than potato-bank.cf. Since I will be losing revenue, I embedded one or two ads that are linked to the faucetfly domain to catch any impressions and clicks so I don't lose as much.

What I wanted to happen:

 After noticing some of the most popular faucets are dealing in Bitcoin, I decided to try for about a day or two using Bitcoin for my faucet. Since these faucets make a decent amount of revenue, I wanted to see if I can jump onto that bandwagon to "catch" that same revenue and get onto Bitcoin faucet lists to raise pageviews, impressions and clicks so that I can also increase ad and affiliate revenue.

Steps to get there:

Well, I started off trying to get my faucet on some of the biggest faucet lists but since I got put down as a Dogecoin faucet, it was really awkward for Dogecoin users when they saw the "Claim BTC" text on the faucet. Also, I pumped around 500000 satoshis to get it started and increased the claim timer by an hour to generate a slow build up of impatience and wait time so that faucet users can check other things on the faucet such as the News section or the awesome list to earn even more crypto.

Then, I started posting on Zapchain such as updates and new features like the Faucet rotator which you can find here or you can find it at Potato-bank.cf. This drove up impressions for sure but after going to BTC, suddenly my impressions started to drop to 0 because every knew that my faucet wasn't the most "attractive" in terms of payout because it is hard for a small faucet to compete against some of the older ones such as freedogecoin which have really expensive ad spots while mine are less than a cent up to 4 cents per 1000 impressions.

What ended up happening:

Eventually, with low BTC payouts and long claim times, eventually traffic completely stopped on my faucet and no revenue was made whatsoever so I immediately pulled BTC from the faucet and started to play it cool with Dogecoin. Today, April 15, I still have 0 BTC ad-revenue and no advertisers have any interest, yet but I still get a decent amount of claims per day which are slowly increasing.

My new faucet rotator is supposed to help bring in some affiliate revenue and then the revenue will go back to financing the faucet so technically no funds are leaving the faucet. So far, my rotator has not gained any attention and unlike the faucet, has no ad spaces whatsoever which makes me really tempted on making my own faucet rotator from scratch but let's just say that it will be a horrible, or good idea.

With over 2400 Doge given away and over 1000 ad impressions at a day's peak, I enjoy running Potato-Bank even if I'm at a loss and will continue running it for people's enjoyment... is that a word?

What I learned:

Never attempt to do something without pushing out something much more expendable or smaller such as a less popular faucet unlike me who used my most popular faucet. Also, try your best to get people on it through sharing links and banner exchanges, anyone doing a banner exchange with me is instantly in the "Tales From Sky City Ad-Network" which gives them access to all my audiences whether it is faucet users to news readers.

Dogecoin faucets have more potential than Bitcoin in terms of stability. Bitcoin faucets have the bar set really high which makes it harder for anyone to profit from a new Bitcoin faucet without a really big loss at the first few months. Altcoin faucets are more "rare" and tend to become famous since everyone is waiting for Altcoins to spike in value.

Never use a free host, unless it is faucetfly or moneyinpjs. I personally never tried moneyinpjs and might plan to with another Altcoin faucet but I have tried faucetfly. I originally hosted Potato-Bank on a free host and it was the worst idea ever in terms of what the plan included. Faucetbox and Paytoshi both require PHP 5.4 but the one I used offered only PHP 5.2 which meant that both faucet scripts were useless. Faucetfly on the other hand offers free hosting and a faucetfly subdomain which I can just add my own domain to. It also adds your faucet to its list of faucetfly faucets which gives me free access to any faucetfly users.

What now?

I am going to resume the usual Dogecoin faucet that I had originally and continue to market the faucet on social media. Also, I am adding more support for the rotator and trying to get the faucet on more faucet lists to gain impressions for more ad revenue to finance the faucet.

Start the TFSC ad-network for web publishers outside of the 4 TFSC ad partners so that anyone can publish an advertise.

Are you interested in advertising on TFSC, Potato-Bank or this blog? Email us at: admin@talesfromskycity.com for more info or basic rates at: http://talesfromskycity.com/advertise.php

You can check out Potato Bank here

Or the rotator at: http://coinrotator.net/potatobankrotator/

Want to monetize a website? Try Blockadz, they offer pretty good CPM and is CoinAd for smaller websites and blogs.

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