Faucet delay troubles

So, I have taken a little, or should I say a 4-month break from news to experiment with various website ideas and stuff like that and so far, Potato-Bank is my main pet project with Tales From Sky City becoming lost in the vast list of websites.

First off, the entire long weekend, I was in the friendly capital of Ontario, Toronto and didn't have much time to refill my faucet. 

I am very sorry that I could not refill because right now, the faucet is empty and will be refilled soon! 

I am still enjoying Faucetfly but I want to expand to include a blog for all the various faucet reviews and things like that. For now, it is still connected to Adventure Bitcoin so all news is coming from there.

My marketing strategies are actually decent because I honestly doubled my expected amount of visitors and have a cap of over 1000 ad impressions a day... in total even though my visitor amount is higher.

I am still looking for advertisers to join my Tales From Sky City ad-network which will showcase their ad to all my viewers as well as partner websites. Plus, ad spots are pretty cheap and are sold for time periods, not impressions or clicks. For more info, click here

If you are a loyal Potato-Bank user, do not worry, claims will be back soon!

What is Tales From Sky City? Click here to find out more

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