BitBlabber offers faucet for sharing links

I normally don't use faucets but occasionally I still go around and check out new ones to see if they are any good or offer anything fun. Today, I found BitBlabber, a faucet where you get 500 satoshis for posting a link and message.

After posting my first message, about my new faucet rotator for Potato-Bank, I earned 500 satoshis but there is a catch, since there is no captcha, I have to wait roughly 12 hours to submit another link so that other faucet users have a chance to claim 500 satoshis.

Here is a look at my message that I sent:

Potato-Bank Faucet rotator
Message #11967 | Posted 5 hours, 9 minutes ago

I would recommend this faucet for those who want to share a link such as a new website but for some reason, everyone submits referral links on it so, that can work too.

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