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Even though I’ve probably written thousands, and I actually mean thousands of articles on Search Trade’s revolutionary paid-to-search model, the newest updates are quite intriguing and have caught my attention. I am in the midst of deploying several affiliate marketing techniques and I am looking for referral programs to replace the ads which provide funds for my various website expenses.
As usual, I use Search Trade as my main search engine but today, there was something that changed and it was a full UI change. it became more… simple, elegant and “wordpress-like” which I enjoy looking at. I noticed that they added a new sidebar and to my surprise, a referral zone for me to share a referral link to earn.
The best part is that they even added banners for me to add as well which will grab the attention of many viewers. I am planning to deploy them on Adventure Bitcoin and soon, the rest of my blogs. Yes, I run around 3 blogs which is quite scary.
According to Search Trade, if someone were to purchase a keyword through your referral link, you earn a 7% commission which is pretty sweet considering the price of keywords and popularity.
Well, what do you think of this? Awesome? Yes? No? Did you buy keywords? Were they worth it? I want to know! (Comment below).
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Search Trade offers new affiliate program Search Trade offers new affiliate program Reviewed by Angus Leung on 17:23:00 Rating: 5

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