Review: GetGems messenger, pays you to chat

What if you could get paid in some type of cryptocurrency just to do what you do everyday, text? Well, GetGems has been here for a decent amount of time and I believe it is time for a review of the product.

After around 2 weeks of trying it out, I have to say, it is quite fun but it was just hard to find anyone to use the messenger with me. First off, I am a Facebook Messenger and iMessage type of guy. Secondly, the user base is not big enough for me to use it as a regular text messenger.

While using it, it had an easy to use messenger but instead of your traditional banner ads, they had the type where they text it to you which kind of okay because I honestly never check them.

On the bottom, you got 5 options: Contacts, which invites and connects you with your contacts via the messenger, Chats, which are your chats, Wallet, your GetGems wallet, Store, where you can redeem Gems and get gems for doing tasks and lastly, settings and everyone knows what the settings do.

Even though the chat part of the app was easy to use, I was mainly interested in the wallet and how it works/integrates in the app. On the wallet page, there are your recent transactions, send and receive. The transactions are easy to read and feel like Coinbase's transaction pop-ups but I just have to say that with Counter-Party, sending is the longest thing possible. It literally took me about 5 hours in order to receive the gems from my Counter-Party wallet.

GetGems gives you several ways to earn and the main one is to refer people to the app. You get around 25 gems or $0.3 USD which is pretty good if you invite 4 people, you get a dollar in gems which you can either save up for the several rewards such as itunes or starbucks stuff or just send it to Shapeshift for immediate exchange.

Transaction fees take a lot of resources and I mean a lot of gems. I once sent around 30 gems across the blockchain and received a little more than half in the receiving address which shocked me.

Well, certainly the $0.01 USD price is very interesting and will not be experiencing any increase in value any time soon.

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Review: GetGems messenger, pays you to chat Review: GetGems messenger, pays you to chat Reviewed by Angus Leung on 18:29:00 Rating: 5

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