Make Bitcoin great again with Donald Trumpchain

According to Vice, Twitter account "Donald Trumpchain" is the Donald Trump twitter parody that talks about the block size debate with hilarious tweets about how Bitcoin Core has failed and how we need to not "build a wall" but instead "increase the block size".

With the help of an article published on Bitcoin Magazine, there are 3 different Bitcoin builds that want to take over (Core, Classic and Unlimited) and so far Core, the original Bitcoin fork is still the dominant, for now.

The 3 forks?

Yep, the 3 different Bitcoin forks that are fighting a Node war for supremacy. In Bitcoin Magazine's article, Bitcoin Core is the original Bitcoin fork that is still sticking with 1MB sized blocks and only wants to update and improve the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin Classic on the other hand wants to double the block size to 2MB so that transactions can go more smoothly (because about a week ago there was a huge transaction gridlock from an overload which caused delays). So far, only Bitcoin ATMs and several nodes have changed to Bitcoin Classic but otherwise, have stayed with Core.

Unlimited on the other hand might be a little too decentralized and wants the nodes to set a block size limit instead of a fixed 1MB or 2MB limit which could be a problem if the block size is not consistent.

So far, Bitcoin Core is still the most popular among nodes and miners but lately, Bitcoin mining pools and ATMs have started to switch and support a bigger blocksize and favour Classic which means we might have increased block sizes. Unlimited on the other hand practically has no news on it whatsoever so I have no idea what is going on there.

Well, back to the original topic about Donald Trumpchain. With a battle much like the presidential candidate campaigns, Donald Trumpchain wants Bitcoin to be using the Classic fork with 2MB and posts Trump-style statements each day about the block-size debates and using the hashtag #MakeTheBlockchainGreatAgain in an attempt to undo the damage caused by Bitcoin Core's inability to increase the block size which can lead to another transaction delay event.

"We need to build a wall" -Donald Trump

A little awkward but funny but wait for this one!

I feel like as if this account is secretly planning to win over the Blockchain by bashing Core, Classic and Unlimited by renaming the Blockchain to Trumpchain and increasing the block size to 64MB blocks and 1GB blocks.

What do you think of this? Funny or political? Do you think Donald Trump has noticed?

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