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Welcome to my second blog post for how to create a budget-friendly blog. If you have not seen my first post on how to build a budget-friendly blog, you can click here first. Otherwise, this post will be all about increasing pageviews and reaching more audience. Remember, what are you building, a website or a blog? If you are building a website, go to something like or something because this is all about blogging. Are you going to be talking about one subject, one category or anything in general? These are several things to consider when you are building your blog.


While it is tempting to publish 5 posts each hour in order to maintain a constant 200 views a day at only 100 words each, you can try only publishing 5 posts a day at a minimum of 300 words which will attract more visitors to spend time on your blog to actually read your article. Please make your lead or hook interesting because most readers (including me) will normally read a hook or the very first part of a blog post first before continuing to make sure it is worth the time. Time is limited, I do not want to waste my time reading something that I do not care about such as why it is idiotic that I am writing this guide. That is pretty much it for content and if you want to know how to actually write good, world-class writer Angus will be doing a post next week because this is a blog, not a news outlet.

Social Media:

Even though it feels as if I am just repeating what I said in my previous guide, it is partially true because social media is an important tool for all small businesses and everyone who wants to be noticed to use. Whether you have to personally draft a post or it is automated, it will be worth it and plus, add some hashtags so that when someone searches a specific hashtag, they can find your tweet and visit your website. Plus, social networking is technically free advertising because you get a message out to an audience just like an ad-network does on websites. I normally use Twitter and LinkedIn because they have interesting users and Twitter is awesome because so many people can discover a tweet and impressions are more than any ad impressions I can muster if I were to use a professional ad-network to advertise my blog. I like LinkedIn because it is a professional social network and people always invite me to connect. The best part about LinkedIn is that removing a connection is the hardest thing since Quantum Mechanics because no one has any idea on how to remove a connection. Also, the messaging thing is cool so I can chat with all these various startups and cool stuff like that.

SEO ranking:

You gotta get your blog to the top, either by increasing pageviews or publishing posts that actually matter to people such as the Block Size debate for Bitcoin or the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Some companies actually offer SEO consulting but I prefer just publishing articles that grab my interest because those have high SEO ranking. For example, on Google News, maybe something about oil prices made headlines saying "Oil Prices at lowest in history!". You can research a little more and write an article on the oil prices and since there will be huge demand for oil price articles, your article can increase its own search engine ranking. Also, try to publish unique articles such as something that no one has ever heard of. Once I published a review on this Bitcoin wallet called Coinvault, it is still the first search result on Google which is pretty cool and I get all the readers who want to know if Convault is a good wallet. Last tip, raise your article word minimum to 300 words. For some reason, this gives some actual content for a reader to read and for some reason will also increase SEO, that is why I installed this SEO consulting plugin that tell me what I can improve on in my post on WordPress.

Giveaways and freebies:

On several websites I've been on, I've seen some pretty interesting ways to get a reader to come back for more. An occasional giveaway might be interesting and does not have to be too complicated like a MacBook or the next-gen flagship smartphone. It can be something like an e-book or a paid-subscription to a website so it does not have to be tangible. While giveaways are awesome and will definitely reel in visitors continuously so they can check if they've won while checking out your other posts, you cannot keep up with so many giveaways because you might go over your blog budget by A LOT. Imagine spending $20 on a giveaway and pay another $5 for shipping and another month you pay $50 for a book giveaway and another $7 for shipping. That really digs into your budget and I tell any blog creators to set a maximum spending.

An alternative to giveaways is freebies. You can add a page on your blog to showcase various discounts, coupons and limited-time free trials and services online. Everyone likes free or discounted stuff so they might find an interesting discount code that they want to use and might come back to check for more. News sites such as TechnoBuffalo have a discounts always and they send me notifications in a newsletter to tell me what deals on programming courses I can get. There are no real problems with discounts and coupons and they take very little time to actually update on your blog because I tell companies to send discounts to my inbox and all you really need to do is edit your page and post the promotion website.

Now to the actual freebies, specifically cryptocurrency gifting. I have been on websites that will give you a small amount of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin to attract new subscribers and readers. These are quite costly but you are getting something in return, a reader's reason to come back, because they subscribed to your newsletter or RSS feed and took time to check out what you post. Gifting is better with Bitcoin than to use Paypal because first off, transaction fees are lower and you are allowed to do micropayments at a really low fee. I was reading this really cool post by this person named Daniel Bainbridge who started off with pretty much a Bitcoin Faucet and grew that into a business and turned a profit (I think). Well, freebies are awesome and will certainly attract users because who does not like free BITCOIN!?

Specific categories and subjects:

Some blogs chose to write about a certain thing such as making money in 3 easy steps or write all about how the environment is being destroyed by people like me who use their computers all day. Well, first off, my blog talks about technology in general which means that I have access to a general audience and not a specific group of people. This is great but I am technically a "me too" since there are so many tech news sites out there that competition is fierce. As a result, I started a small time blog named Adventure Bitcoin which talks all about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so I am just targeting an audience that has an interest in cryptocurrency. While going through a list of websites that talk about cryptocurrency, I came across this newly established website known as Sebfor which only talks about Ethereum, a new cryptocurrency that Microsoft likes. They shut down their Bitcoin news portion of the website to focus on Ethereum because they specialize in that sole cryptocurrency while others have a specialization in mainly Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general but never dive too deep into other cryptocurrencies unless needed.

Guest Posting:

Something I've read about is guest posting, when you invite a fairly known blogger/writer to write on your blog. This is great to give a professional touch to your blog and even though guest posting might cost something, it might be worth it if the guest poster is famous in the particular category that your blog falls into. I personally have guest posted on multiple websites and have enjoyed the small time fame which has also helped drive traffic to my blog. It may also be interesting when another writer checks out your content and maybe even make a recommendation on their blog or website which can help spread your blog to another person's audience as bonus advertising.

Supply and demand and e-commerce:

Prepare yourselves for the most weirdest idea ever since donuts on a stick. Creating an online store is interesting and might be a little bit risky because if you've bought a full storage locker of merchandise and cannot sell, you might end up with a bunch of dusty merchandise. If you are planning to start an online store, remember that technically you are establishing your own business so the terms of business are present. First off, think of what products you want to sell and what people would buy. Maybe the big demand is laptops. You can maybe have your own custom branded laptop and resell it at a higher price but lower than what your competitors sell an equivalent system for. This builds competition and you might have to balance out your online store with your blogging because both require a lot of responsibility. One problem about online stores is reaching a customer. With so many websites and online stores, it might be challenging for a small or new e-commerce business to enter because there is already a large presence of... well... pretty much everything. 

I have not tried nor want to try e-commerce but I heard it might be fun but challenging. The second thing to consider is what platform you want to use. Shopify? WooCommerce? build it yourself? Your choice but all 3 of them offer their own benefits. For example, Shopify offers a premade website creator so that you can build a e-shop quickly and have an easy settings gateway to set all transaction stuff and other things like that. WooCommerce, from what I've heard is a similar thing to Shopify but is a WordPress plugin. It offers more customization than Shopify and even has this thing to implement affiliate programs into the shop catalog of the WooCommerce site. Building it yourself gives you ultimate customization and you get full control over the design and creation of the website. One little problem that I fear is the security of the website. Since Shopify gives you some pretty high transaction security, building it yourself might lead to some problems with connection tapping which can pose a threat to your customers.

This is pretty much what I thought would make a blog become more popular. Some have worked, partially for me but some of these suggestions I have not tried out myself but think they might be useful (in a way). 

Thank you for reading and prepare to start making your own blog.  

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