Spells of Genesis merges cryptocurrency and trading cards


Geneva-based Everdreamsoft recently released its Beta version of their fantasy game, Spells of Genesis on their website for registered users to test. With a total of 13 levels and Counterparty wallet binding, the newly updated Spells of Genesis is going to be the first game that I have seen that uses Counterparty integration for blockchain-based trading cards. Being a mobile app that merges the awesome feeling of collectable cards with a strategy battle game, it is honestly something trading card gamers would love to play.

Originally announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2014, players go to the realm of Moonga where they have to battle enemies and win by thinking before shooting an enemy to make sure you have the maximum damage possible and building up your deck to technically rule the realm.

The in-game currency itself is called "Bitcrystals" which is a Counterparty asset which practically runs the game. With the in-game currency limited to 100,000,000 BCY (Bitcrystals) so like other cryptocurrencies, will not experience inflation of the in-game currency because it is a set maximum.

"Players collect, trade and fuse cards in order to make the strongest decks to defeat their opponents"
-Everdreamsoft (Press Kit)

The blockchain-based trading cards will be sold via Swapbot which means that purchasing or trading of the cards will be instant and works like "a vending machine" if the player deposits the proper amount of Bitcrystals and after getting your cards, you can use them in both Spells of Genesis and Moonga, Everdreamsoft's other game.

Everdreamsoft has broken the barrier between blockchain-based currency and gaming and can change up the way how in-game currency is managed and how inflation can be avoided.

After spending a lot of my time playing the beta, I found it highly addictive because I can never get past the 3rd level at all and decided I needed to level up. As a result, I attempted and somewhat succeeded in linking my Bitcrystals box to my Spells of Genesis account. I have not tried the online marketplace yet because I am still waiting for funds to enter into my account but while that happens, I'll be continuing my fight to conquer level 3 on the beta.

By the way, you missed the crowdfunding campaign aka the token sale for backing of the development of Spells of Genesis but do not worry, you will get a chance to get Bitcrystals via Shapeshift which is the best way, personally.

For more information on the Spells of Genesis development and to sign up for beta testing, please visit the link below:


To check out their cool artwork and official blog, find it here:


Note! I finally found the wallet binding instructions and placed it below so if you are signing up, I highly recommend signing up through the wallet! 





Note: I got permission from Everdreamsoft to use their stuff for this article. Do not yell at me for this.. please..
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