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So, I was introduced to Crypzo (now renamed CoinVault) on a Zapchain post and it caught my attention when it said it supports Dogecoin. Since the wallet itself is still in beta, it still sports some interesting features such as a sleek interface and an easy to use wallet unlike Xapo's high-level security mixed with their dark theme.

Even though it is in beta, I still recommend signing up on the website instead of using the Reddit or Facebook login because the majority of times that I try using the Reddit login, it never logs me in which makes me fed up because it was my review wallet.

Well, even though I got locked out of my own wallet somehow, I still got the opportunity to try it out and honestly, I think even a non-techie person can figure it out. With the basic wallet functions, this seems to be a good candidate for those who are beginning but can it beat Blockchain's security supremacy?

After signing up or logging in, you will see that there is a nice blue and white theme that really brings friendliness to the wallet without making it too childish. On the top, you will see 3 options depending what display you are using. You will have the option to check your wallets, your profile and to log out. On a smaller display, you might have a shelf looking icon which sort of resembles the Android theme which houses the 3 options.

When accessing the wallets via the "info" button, you get a really simple screen with the wallet address and QR code for receiving, as well as the form for sending. As usual, there is a small ledger at the bottom of the page to view your transactions to and from the address.

The profile page is pretty straight-forward with wallet credentials, login management and the option to link your Facebook or Reddit account if you haven't done so.

Other than the limitations in features, my favourite feature while using Crypzo is the seperate wallets. Instead of just naming your wallets and addresses, you can get seperate wallets and name them anything you want meaning that you can host different wallets and their uses on the same web wallet. For example, if I had a personal bitcoin and dogecoin wallet and a seperate bitcoin and dogecoin for tipping, I can classify two addresses as my tipping addresses and the others my personal ones so the organization feature is better than anything else I've seen.

In conclusion, Crypzo is a decent wallet for those who want a simple and organized feel to their everyday crypto wallet usage. Other than several login problems, honestly Coinvault has done an excellent job in creating this wallet and I would recommend this wallet to the user who wants an all-cryptocoins-in-one wallet to easily manage their funds but for some reason, I still can't access my original wallet with my Reddit account.

Note: Since they are relatively new they do not have an API... yet...

If you want to try it out yourself or want something more organized:

Check out the Zapchain post here:
CoinVault wallet review CoinVault wallet review Reviewed by Angus Leung on 15:11:00 Rating: 5

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  1. Thank you for the review.
    Just to let you know I am aware of the reddit login bug and am working to fix it.


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