What will KILL Paypal?

Nowadays wallets are out of the way and virtual wallets are dominating but will Paypal, the first of it's kind survive? Well, I think that it will have a lot of competition and a lot to improve in order for the Paypal payments to be as easy as NFC. Well, today there are 4 ways to pay from your device, either Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Paypal and Bitcoin Wallet but only 2 of them support NFC and one uses QR codes. Paypal is falling behind in this race to become the best payment option while getting passed by Bitcoin Wallets. Since all 4 of them pretty much do the same thing, Paypal will need to add in a NFC support option to their platform as well as a way to put in gift cards like Apple Wallet. It will also need to be able to offer secure banking just in case someone hacks into your phone. Bitcoin Wallets offer 2 factor protection before entering the wallet and is untraceable by any government.

Will Paypal survive?

Most likely because so many people haven't made the switch to Apple and Google Wallets because they aren't compatible with cash register support yet but soon they will support it.

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