Recently, I tried out Minergate for it's web mining ability but it even offers a client to mine their currencies with your CPU. While mining, I found that I could set how many CPU cores I wanted to dedicate and I could dedicate up to 8 cores for my PC. Also, it even includes a smart miner that helps you mine the currency with the highest value in the last hour. During my time trying it out, I experienced very little lag and actually had a 100 hash/ second speed at a difficulty of 1063. Maybe my I7 is actually better at mining than my GPU?

When you want to withdraw, you need to install a wallet for the cryptocurrency but all my bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin wallets are online so this might change up the gameplay. In the end, I found that this is an interesting way of getting cryptocurrency in the background and it pretty much is integrated into my normal PC usage that I don't even notice anything.

If you want to check them out, please visit:

If you want to check out my bad video tutorial:

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